10 Useful Tech Accessories One Should Own

10 Useful Tech Accessories One Should Own

Tech Accessories

Life is a lot better and easier when you own a good set of tech accessories. I am sure most of you would agree with this statement. These are simply very handy on their own or pair well with another gadget. You do not want to miss out on any of these. Here’s a list of tech accessories you simply cannot live without.

1)   Wireless Headphones or Earbuds

It’s the age of wireless technology and it’s safe to say a good pair of wireless headphones or earbuds is one of the must-have accessories. No more dealing with tangled earphones; it’s so much more hassle-free to perform any activity without compromising the sound quality. You can work out, go for a walk or perform daily chores without the need to hold your phone or worry about wires getting snagged on something, pulled out and ruining your listening experience altogether.

Wireless headphones or earbuds are mainly designed for people leading an active lifestyle and give you true freedom of movement. They also tend to be both water and sweat resistant to a certain degree. Added features and functionalities such as noise cancellation or isolation technology, bass boosting ability, and longer-lasting battery life enhance their appeal.

You can opt for wireless headphones or true wireless earbuds, depending on your preference and lifestyle. If you feel convinced to get one for yourself, you can check out our wide range of wireless earphones and earbuds suitable for every budget.

2)   A Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker has a significant advantage compared with its traditional wired counterpart due to its portability, ease of placement and installation. You can enjoy a superior sound quality that is unmatched by any smartphone speaker. A wireless speaker can be readily used at home, beach, pool or any outdoor/indoor space that makes it very versatile. Heading out for a picnic? Don’t forget your Bluetooth speaker and make listening to music a social experience. It also consumes less energy, hence it’s also energy-efficient. You can find a Bluetooth Speaker of your choice and in your range on our website.

3)   Smartwatch

Apart from lending a classy and fashionable look to the wearer, a smartwatch also packs in a lot of benefits. It complements your phone well and can be quite convenient at places where you cannot carry your phone along such as while exercising or in the pool. The topmost benefit of a smartwatch is that it acts as your workout buddy and has the ability to track your workouts which you can also connect to an app on your smartphone for additional stats. A smartwatch can track steps, distance, sleep quality, heart rate, pulse rate, stress levels etc.

You can quickly check your notifications and messages and even reply, on some smartwatches. You can make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch. The Apple watch has smart navigation features that deliver directions through vibrations. So, enjoy the scenery while driving or cycling instead of staring at a navigation map on your phone. Some smartwatches also come with the ability to watch videos or store music and play through Bluetooth headphones wirelessly.

In conclusion, A good smartwatch can do a lot more than just tell the time and gives you the feeling of always being connected. While you are looking for one, you can scroll through the variety of smartwatches available on our website.

4)   Power Bank

You would not have to worry about your modern gadgets running out of power if you own a power bank. It is a portable charger with a sleek and attractive design. It is handy, especially in situations where you may not have a direct power supply or experiencing a power outage and have run out of battery. Travellers will not step out without a portable charger since it is a must-have travel companion. It also comes with multiple ports; hence you can charge more than one gadget simultaneously. It is also compatible with not only smartphones but also tablets and gaming consoles. That makes it a multi-device and multi-brand compatible gadget. The higher the power capacity of your portable charger, the more you can charge your device. If you have made up your mind to purchase a power bank for yourself, do check on the easy service website and take your pick.

5)   Car Charger

Imagine a scenario wherein you forgot to charge your phone and did not carry a power bank too. How convenient would it be to have a car charger for quickly charging your device? A car charger is handy in such emergency scenarios though you cannot implement it as a primary method of charging your phone. Adopting multiple options to charge your phone always ensures you will never have to deal with a dead battery anytime soon. Fancy a car charger? We've got you covered.

6)   Mobile Stand and Holder

There is an influx of mobile and tablet stands in the market for good reason. A mobile stand can be convenient in situations, you cannot or do not prefer to hold your phone, especially for long hours. It’s a multipurpose and versatile accessory. You can place your phone at a dedicated stand and not have to worry about misplacing it.

It is a worthy travel buddy for travellers and content creators. Taking pictures or videos while protecting your device with a stand or tripod is so much more hassle-free and aids creativity. Tripods are especially great for professional-level photography, self-timed pictures and image stabilization. Car holders help keep your phone steady that also feature a 360-degree rotation for horizontal and vertical viewing. Find a mobile and tablet stand or phone holder of your choice here.

7)  Stylus Pen

A stylus pen is a digital pen specifically designed for use on a touchscreen. It is a precise alternative to your fingertips. The majority of touchscreens in the market today are based on capacitive technology hence you will find a stylus pen that’s suitable for a capacitive touchscreen. Fingers are charged with electrical properties which are suitable to work with a capacitive touch screen hence a capacitive digital pen successfully mimics this behaviour. If you own a smartphone, iPad or tablet, it will be very beneficial to you to possess a stylus pen.

Let’s walk through those benefits. You can use your tablet or smartphone like a conventional notebook and jot down legible notes. Easy to use and portable, you can use a digital pen even on compatible public touch screen machines for hygiene reasons. If you do not prefer a smudge-filled smartphone screen then you should opt for a digital pen.

8)  Travel Adapter

Are you a travel enthusiast? Then you do need to consider getting a travel adapter. You can plug in or charge your devices in a foreign country with the help of a travel adapter. Travel adapter aids with fitting the plugs of your home country devices in any other country. If you are looking for one, do check out the wide range of travel adapters and mobile chargers on our web store.

9)   SD Card and Flash Drive

Storage capacity on your smartphone is never enough. Expand the storage capacity on your smartphone with the help of an SD card to store high-resolution photos and videos. Removable and portable, you can carry it anywhere and easily plug it into a computer to read or transfer data with the help of a card reader.

A cloud service such as Dropbox and Google Drive is helpful, though flash drives are rather convenient to transfer big files from one computer to another. Discover a great selection of SD Cards and Flash Drives on our online store.

10)Ring Light

A ring light also known as round light, circle light and selfie light possess the ability to balance the light and provide a pleasing effect in portrait photography. Fans of selfies can expect better and natural looking self-portraits. It’s a cost-effective tool for makeup artists to adjust the brightness at their workspaces and have a clear sight of facial features to ensure a flawless makeup application.

Professional photographers can add a ring light to their gear for indoor and outdoor photoshoots. Apart from cosmetics and photography, you can use it for general house lighting and décor. Content Creators, Youtubers and Influencers need good ring lights to support their content creation efforts. Even dental professionals have adopted ring lights after realizing they provided better visibility of their patient’s teeth. Do take a look at the different ring light options on our web store today.